Race Impact

The Race for the Fallen was created to honor the brave men and women who risk their lives every day to protect our families, and it is a tribute to the officers who have given their lives to protect our community. Race proceeds benefit the families of fallen law enforcement officers through the Police Benevolent Foundation.

The harsh reality is that each year, more than 100 officers leave for work and do not return home to the families who love and support them. These brave men and women, who have accepted the honor of protecting our communities, often face deadly consequences that leave their families in dire straits. When we lose an officer, we lose an experienced, trained community hero who gave his or her life to protect the community. A family loses a husband, wife, sister or brother. A child loses a father or mother. The Police Benevolent Foundation, Inc. exists to help the law enforcement officers and their families restore normalcy after a tragedy.

Watch video testimonies of officers and the families that the Police Benevolent Foundation has helped here.
If you would like to help spread the news about our races please download our Race Brochure below.

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