Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to run?
No, you can walk, jog, skip…just finish so you can get your race medal!

Can I push my child in a stroller?
Yes, we just ask that you start in the back of the crowd, but you do not have to stay there!

Can I walk my dog during the race?
Sure, but please have them on a leash.

What is the difference between the 5K & 1 mile?
Some of our races offer a 1 mile distance. The 5K is timed and the 1 mile is not. Every runner will receive a race medal upon race completion and the same cool race shirt and glow gear.

Should I buy my own glow gear?
The more the merrier! We love to see you glow and welcome as much glow gear as possible. Each runner will receive a glow gear kit with registration.

Should I register my child to run?
Yes, if you want them to receive a race shirt, glow gear, and race medal. They will also be entered to win a prize in their age category. If they don’t want all that cool stuff, they are welcome to participate with you without registering.

Will I finish last?
Probably not. Statistically, your odds of being last are the same as being first. Our races typically have 400-600 participants.

Will I have a GLOWingly awesome time?

Absolutely! We always bring the GLOW wherever we go! #LetsGLOW

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