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1. START on Broad Street (west) at the Augusta Common 7. Follow path to Augusta Riverwalk Marina to U-turn tp Lower Riverwalk.
2. RIGHT on 10th Street (north) to Reynolds Street 8. Follow Lower Riverwalk back to 10th Street (south) to Broad Street.
3. CROSS Reynolds Street to Augusta Riverwalk 9. LEFT on Broad Street (east but in west bound lane) to Monument Street.
4. LEFT on Riverwalk to U-turn at ramp 10. U-turn at Monument Street back to FINISH LINE on Broad Street.
5. Follow Upper Riverwalk to 6th Street Ramp.
6. Down Ramp, Cross 6th Street to Up Ramp back to Riverwalk.

Race 4 the Fallen Augusta GA - Course Route

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